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Day: 18 October 2013

Unsponsored Q&A Series – Martina Wegman

We have had a little bit of a summer break with Q&A series but I’m pleased to announce that the series is back and we kick off with a Q&A with one of the most talented female paddlers on the planet – Martina Wegman.

Martina is arguably one of the most talented female kayakers in the world and is constantly pushing the limits of what is possible in a kayak. I am therefore stoked that Martina agreed to take part in the Unsponsored Q&A series.

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Grab Handles And Safety Bars

They are one the bits of kit on a kayak that I have in the past paid little attention to. But I have found that if the design is right they are great for carrying and rescue duties.

Most manufacturers use either a metal bar or some sort of climbing tape arrangement. In all cases you should periodically check your boats outfitting to ensure that they do not have any sign of damage or excess wear. All manufacturers can supply replacement parts if required.

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Grab Handles And Safety Bars

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