A pin kit is the collection of equipment that you carry to aid in a whitewater rescue that may or may not involve a pinned kayak or canoe. Within my paddling group there will be several variations of this kit, it is important that the group is not reliant on one persons kit as it may be that person or that persons boat that is in need of assistance.

The areas in which you paddle may also dictate the type and amount of kit you carry.


My current pin/rescue kit is as follows and includes the throw bags that I would normally carry in my boat or on my person.

HF Weasel Throwbag – 18m throw bag (on waist belt)
HF Alpin 20m throw bag (in boat)
2 x 5mm prusik loops (in PFD)
4 x Wild Country screwgate carabiners (Model: ION) (in/on PFD/Boat)
2 x 2.4m sewn dyneema sling (in PFD)
1 x Palm Snake Sling (in PFD)
Spyderco Delica knife with a partially serrated blade (in PFD)

I often have a couple of standard snap gate carabiners clipped into my boat that can be called into action if required.

What do you carry? Post a comment to let us know.