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Day: 23 October 2013

It’s Cold

The frosty mornings are definitely here and keeping warm whilst on the water is the key. Therefore I thought I’d do a quick run down of the kit I would typically wear to keep warm whilst on the river. The key to keeping warm is to use layers of clothing and to keep as dry as possible.


My winter paddling gear is as follows –

PFD, helmet, boots/shoes and spraydeck don’t real change through the seasons, although if it is really cold I might wear a Playboater Titanium Earwig. The Earwig helps take the edge off that sensation you get when your head hits cold water.

My dry kit does change, as I tend to move away from using Dry Tops/Shorts to full suits.

To keep me dry I like to wear a dry suit. I have owned the Palm Spark Surface Immersion Suit and Immersion Research Double D Drysuit in the past and now use a Sweet Protection Intergalactic Dry Suit. Continue reading

Genes: Advanced WW Part 4 & 5 Slides & Drops

A great video from Unsponsored’s friend Simon Westgarth.

Genes Advanced WW; Part 4 & 5 Slides & Drops from Gene17 – Simon Westgarth on Vimeo.

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