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Day: 3 November 2013

Tyne Tour 2013 Rescue Rock Video

Tyne Tour from Unsponsored on Vimeo.

Nothing special, just a collection of footage taken from Rescue Rock on the North Tyne during the Tyne Tour 2013. I set the camera off now and again and left it to it. After the initial clip the video gets cloudy, this isn’t an issue with the GoPro Hero3+ I was using, it was just the fact it was chucking it down.

The new tripod and Mount Star mount worked superbly.

Jackson Kayak Hip Pad and Footrest Modification

Jason Cole has kindly agreed for his hip pad and footrest modifications to be included on Unsponsored.

Extended Hip Pads

I added a couple of 10x12x6cm blocks of PE foam to bolster the hip pads, and found a use for the old bungees (attached to the bottom of the seat) to retain them in place.

Hip Pad and Footrest Modification

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Green River Race Results 2013


The results from this years Green River Race are now up. I find it really interesting to check out what boats people are using. Continue reading

Jackson Kayak Backrest Upgrade

Jason Cole kindly agreed for his Jackson Kayak Backrest upgrade guide to be included on Unsponsored. It looks like it could be a very worth while upgrade for older Jackson boats.

On numerous occasions I’d been at Lee Valley, with the backrest pulled in tight, thinking, “wouldn’t it be nice if it was just a bit bigger?”. It also kept slipping down, which I’d mitigated by fitting toggles, but it was still not 100%.

The other day I visited WWTCC and sat in a new Jackson Karma, bloody huge boat! But I was really taken by the new-style backrest – which are sold as kits. They didn’t have any in stock at WWTCC so got one from Squarerock as I was in a hurry to get one.

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Wavesport Mobius And New Pyranha Burn – A Closer Look

The Pyranha Burn shown here is a final prototype and has all the features and fitting of the production boat.


As you can see the new Pyranha design looks more like a river runner than the last model. The lines are long, edges more continuous and the boat overall appears to have a much longer waterline.

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HF Weasel Throwbag – Review

The HF Weasel is HF’s smallest and most compact throw bag. If space within your boat is at a premium then this bag may be the one for you. The Weasel fits even in the smallest kayak or can be fixed and carried on a waist belt (HF Swifty Belt).

If a throw bag is needed in a emergency you probably won’t have any time for a second go! Therefore the most important factors when using a throwbag is how well it throws, and how easy it is to get the bag to land on target. In both cases the HF Weasel fits the bill. I found the bag easy to throw both under and over arm. The rope pays out nicely during a throw and is also easy to repack if you do need (or have time) to have a second go.

HF Weasel Throwbag - Review

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