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Day: 13 November 2013

GoPro Float

Having around £300 worth of GoPro camera sink to the bottom of the river is not a pleasant experience. I have been there and it is not nice.

GoPro Float

I now have a GoPro float on all of my cameras. The OEM float comes supplied with an additional back door and costs around £13.

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Demshitz Finds The Lost Gauley

Demshitz finds the Lost Gauley from David Fusilli on Vimeo.

The lost Gauley is the section of the Gauley that is usually under the Summersville lake. So, I guess every ten years or so the damn has to lower the lake to inspect or work on the dam damn. This is one of those years. Last weekend I was randomly invited to fire down this elusive stout. Veteran paddler Dave Bassage was leading the charge. The plan was to run the top Gauley through the lost Gauley and to the Summersville damn. This put us at around 20 miles on the water. Because of the difficulty of this stout, class 2-3, I decided the best craft for me would be the Badfish MVP 9. The shit runner of Stand Up boards.

How To Kickflip (Small Wave)

How to Kickflip (small wave) from Airborn Athletics on Vimeo.

Kickflips are just simply amazing. Go out and try one.

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