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Day: 16 November 2013

Cold Hands

Keeping warm is often difficult when you paddle whitewater during the winter. The one area that is always difficult to keep one and can often lead to a great deal of pain is cold hands. Cold hands can turn a good trip into an absolutely terrible one and can leave you with damage to your hands if it occurs time and time again.

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Making sure the rest of me is nice and warm does help but quite often the after the initial 30 mins on the water with super cold hands I get a surge of heat in conjunction with a super amount of pain as my hands begin to warm up. The pain is pretty unique!

I’ve tried neoprene gloves (which work once warmed up), the woollen/washing up glove combo and various other bits/bobs but prefer using pogies. One of the biggest benefits of any pogie or glove system is the fact they help keep the wind off your hands. This simple fact goes a long way to ensure that your hands remain warm.

Cold Hands

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Iceland Park & Huck

Check out this video from Martina Wegman. You can also read her Unsponsored Q&A here.

Iceland Park & Huck from Martina Wegman on Vimeo.

ICELANDIA is incredible!!!! Lots & Lots of waterfalls, Geo-thermal activity, amazing hot springs and 24hr daylight!! With four chicks we went on a short park and huck trip and run some rowdy waterfalls and paddled between the ice blue icebergs . We didn’t shoot a lot of footage, but here is a little gimps of the beauty of this island…

Rio Apurimac 2013

Rio Apurimac 2013 from de Ugarte Burbank on Vimeo.

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