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Day: 27 November 2013

Lammeröfen With Liquidlogic Remix

Another day with Max Eberl and Thomas Engels in Austria.

Lammeröfen with Liquidlogic Remix from Philipp Brunner on Vimeo.

8 wonderful runs on the lammer gorge at ~ 70cm – nice river, sweet weather & a quick, super boat !

For the last run, we only needed 6min29sec.

Thanks !

Shot on GoPro Cameras


A 11 minutes video of what late 2012 and most of 2013 kayaking season was. Here we are in the countries of Norway, Costa Rica and additional footage of my buddy Tommas Hansson paddling some of the classics in NZ…

0ES3 NORGE from grass hopper productions on Vimeo.

There were some really scary moments in the carnage session at the start and some really really sick lines as the video is progressing. I personally think the high lights of the video is Brendan Bayly’s line of the big drop that we ran in Norway which is call Brudesløret (bridal veil) or how some people know it as “matze drop” this was an amazing day as the rest of the days that we all have in the river.

I really gotta appreciate all the support of AVALANCHA and of everyone of you who make kayaking fun,scary and possible…all ready looking forward for 2014 to come is gonna be amazing

Thanks and enjoy.

Shot using GoPro equipment

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