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Day: 10 December 2013

Let Everything Go

Let Everything Go from D Bryant on Vimeo.

That sensation, that thrill you feel when about to go over the edge. A sensation sought and found by a select few, who scale the vast and turbulent waters of the world in tiny boats, at one with the rivers they travel, being able to see a version of the water that the rest of us never can.

I am not a kayaker, by any stretch of the imagination, but I was captured and inspired by the paddlers that I met when I first tried my hand at the sport. I was overcome with the sensation of fear, excitement and trepidation and this led to the idea behind this film.

My immortal soul and thanks to Simon Morse who is my shining star and guiding light in all things Canoe, and without whom this film would still be a crazy idea inside my crazy head.
Filmed in the Ystradfellte forest and Pen y Cae falls on the Afon Tawe in South Wales, and the Falls of Falloch on the River Falloch in Scotland. Continue reading

Natalie Anderson 2013 Promo/2014 WWGP Application

Natalie Anderson 2013 Promo/2014 WWGP application from Leif Anderson on Vimeo.

Here is Natalie Anderson’s 2014 WWGP application video! Natalie’s passion is surfing big waves, and she is super pumped for the possible chance to compete in the Whitewater Grand Prix in Quebec, which will feature the full spectrum of what whitewater paddling can be.

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Lessons From The River

The river is a powerful thing.


When experienced from the seat of a kayak, it teaches us important lessons, many of which apply to our day-to-day lives more than we immediately realize. After spending a lifetime immersed in the river and trying to understand its intricacies, I feel compelled to share few lessons that I’ve taken from the river to find a place in my day-to-day life. I smile when I think about any of these, and I love how often I am reminded of them on the water and in life…

1) Look Positive

When you are paddling through rapids on a river, you always look at where you want to go, and not at where you don’t want to go. You look positive. When you look directly at something, your whole body rotates in that direction, and your boat always follows your body. Your boat goes where you look. This applies to kayaking and any other sport you can imagine. You always look and paddle where you want to go, and you will go there. Continue reading

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