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Day: 29 January 2014

An A-Team Christmas

An A-Team Christmas from Rogue Compass Media on Vimeo.

The D.C. A-Team headed to Tlapacoyan in Veracruz, Mexico for three weeks to escape the cold and run the shit. The Alseseca River provided numerous sections to keep us busy and never failed to put a smile on your face. This world class whitewater, combined with Aventurec’s awesome lodging and the ability to point at a picture in a guidebook and be dropped off there an hour later soon made it clear why Mexico is a kayaking mecca.

Paddlers: Wyatt Hyndman, Nathan Sass, Julio Danger, Dane Jackson, Kyle Burton, Jordan Poffenberger, Dylan Evans, Patrick Heindel

Dragorossi 88 – Review In ThePaddler

My review of the Dragorossi will be appearing in the next issue of The Paddler.

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 20.23.08

Many thanks to Martyn Butler for supplying some awesome images and to Phil Mitchell for styling it in the shots.

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