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Day: 23 February 2014

Jackson Kayak’s – Karma RG

The Karma is currently being developed into two longer boats. The Unlimited which is a creek racer (think Dagger Green boat) and the Karma RG (Rock Garden) which is being developed primarily for sea use.

Sean Morley tests an early prototype of Jackson Kayak’s new ocean play boat the Karma RG at Point Bonita, California, 02/16/2014.

LVM States Series – Idaho!

LVM (Lunch Video Magazine) was a superb outfit of paddlers publishing DVDs showing paddling exploits from around the world. Sadly LVM stopped producing videos back in 2011 or there abouts. I found this little excerpt on Vimeo in John Weld’s (Immersion Research) video library.

LVM States Series- Idaho! from John Weld on Vimeo.

Brunton All Day

Brunton are probably best known for their innovative battery charging technology but have now brought out some GoPro related kit. Brunton have brought out the All Day for GoPro Hero 3/3+ use. It fits the Hero 3 housing and replaces the full back door.


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