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Day: 21 August 2014

In The Flow – Review

Over the course of the summer I have had the opportunity to read and review In the Flow by Jonathan Males. Jonathan has coached both the British and Australian Olympic slalom teams in the past has has used his knowledge of coaching and recent research to create a book that aims “to help paddlers and coaches understand the theory behind success and provide practical skills to improve performance”.


Now don’t be put off if you are not a slalom paddler. In the Flow is applicable to all areas of the sport and has actually been broken down in to a number of component parts with only a small percentage of the book being focussed on competition. Continue reading

Multidimensional Wet Chess

A really nice trailer that has been well shot. Love the use of the drone. The title of this post will make sense when you watch the Trailer 1 edit.

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 14.23.46

Please help us finish this film. Visit the Indiegogo campaign at
If you liked the music, please support Enter the Haggis:
Thank you very much for your support! Continue reading

Adventure Medical Ultralight 0.5 First Aid Kit

For the last few years I have been using Adventure Medical as my main first aid kits. I stumbled upon them when I was trying to find an ultralight kit for mountain biking. Since then I have purchased several Adventure Medical First Aid Kits and they can be found in my rucksacks and now in my kayak as part of my “When it all goes wrong kit“.


Continue reading

Liam Fournier – Chile 2014

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 07.14.00

Follow me on a roller coaster of a trip through out Patagonia. I was fortunate enough to make it back there for a second trip this year and will be returning here in October for some Spring floods !!! Continue reading

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