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Day: 12 July 2015

Northern Territory – Yorkshire Dee

Tucked away just outside the village of Dent this Class 4/5 gorge section runs fairly regularly with significant rain although there may be occasions when there can definitely be too much! It can become a very challenging undertaking at high flows with undercut walls and ‘boiling’ eddies. At perfect, mid-level, flows it is my Yorkshire favourite. A sensible decision can be made at the put-in: if it’s floatable and navigable it’s going to be good; however, if there’s a raging torrent, it will be full-on and the gorge will almost certainly be un-runnable. The river starts road-side around 5km outside Dent and the road follows the river for most of the run. In fact it’s only the last km that feels remote. A series of small slides and boulder rapids lead to a slightly bigger slide that right-angle’s to the left. This signifies the end of your warm up.


From here the river starts to get a little tighter and steeper with some quite significant pour-overs; nothing too pushy but a confident boof is definitely required.

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The Great Escape

The Great Escape

An escape from school, work, and the routine of everyday life was a must after a stressful spring semester in my sophomore year of college. With water seemingly low in the Pacific Northwest, the best option was the high volume creeks of Quebec, Canada.

Living out of a retro fitted sprinter van for a month and kayaking 27 days in a row was the best medicine to escape, have our minds cleared, and have the adventures of a lifetime. Enjoy some footage from the amazing creeks in Quebec. Thanks for everyone that made this trip what it was, the memories will never be forgotten.

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Bear Creek – Northeast PA

Bear Creek

Demshitz got on the elusive Bear Creek tributary of the Lehigh River in Northeast PA. One of the best micro creeks around!

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