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Day: 18 July 2015

Immersion Research Europe

Who are Immersion Research Europe? Tell us a little about the company and its history.

Immersion Research was founded in 1997 by John and Kara Weld. They started off by making board shorts and then thermals. The line up and company grew every year but John and Kara are still running the show. Today, IR makes some of the most innovative, smart and practical gear available.

Immersion Research Europe

At the end of 2010, Immersion Research did not have a proper distributor in Europe, so it was tough to get many items of our gear on this side of the Atlantic. IR saw this as an opportunity to sell to customers directly using an online store. Immersion Research Europe was born!

We take orders on our website and ship directly to European customers from our base in the UK.

Immersion Research Europe is just now in the process of expanding to a new, larger location. This new set up will mean a much larger amount of stock can be held in the UK, allowing us to get gear to our customers faster.

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A Wet State #101- Norway 2015 Part 1

A Wet State #101: Norway 2015 Part 1 - Telemark and Buskerud

The first stop on our Norway tour was the southern region of Telemark. This video features the Home Run and Lower Mår, as well as the California Section and Upper Austbygdåi. Finally, a quick stop at the Numedalslågen on our way from Telemark to Voss.

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