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Day: 3 October 2015

Silverbirch Canoes

I managed to have a closer look at the Broadland and Covert canoes a couple of weeks ago. Both designs look really well thought out and have been very well made.

unsponsored-silver-birch- 306

Silverbirch canoes are made by the guys behind Tootega and are therefore designed and built right here in the UK. They currently have two canoe models in the range, The Broadland and the Covert 9.3 OC1.

The Broadland is constructed from either Duracore or Duralite three-layer polyethylene.

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Exo XT Creek – Review

Now it may seem strange of me to do of a review of the Italian made Exo boat in English when it is not available in the UK, (yet?) but there are a few points going for the Exo XT Creek that may make it an interesting option for UK boaters.

I have always been a bigger boat paddler, H3, Burn, Mamba and Everest, and this boats fits right in there with those size wise.

unsponsored- Exo XT Creek

The XT Creek is in a range of three boats the XT 260 and the XT 300, they all share or seem to share the same semi displacement hull, with the Creek having a more rounded deck front and back to shed water better when resurfacing.

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