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Day: 21 December 2015

Titan Kayaks – Yantra

Titan Kayaks have recently launched the new Yantra 8’5″ whitewater kayak.

Titan Kayaks - Yantra

If you’re looking for a great all round boat this new year look no further!

Speed, forgiving sides, semi planning hull with a staggered rail giving rails to carve without the edge to bite.

We’re also now using a new Super Linear HDPE plastic formula thats now even stiffer and more impact resistant.

Also featuring the newly updated lighter and stronger 2016 Reactor Outfitting which focuses on supporting a large surface area of the hull while also distributing your weight into the rails of the boat for more control and stability.

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Vertical Element Explorer Aircore Pro Paddles – Review

I have been using VE paddles for some time now as I was able to very quickly order a set of customs left handed cranked full carbon paddles and have them delivered within in matter of days. Superb service. This was a lifesaver and I have found that the construction and durability is as good as the customer service.

I was intrigued when I saw that VE also make a range of Sea Kayaking/Touring paddles. I managed to get hold of a set of Vertical Element Explorer Aircore Pro paddles for review.

I grew up on the North East coast of England and spent a great deal of time paddling in the sea whether it be surfing or exploring the cliffs and rocky shore a matter of a few miles from my home. Although I really enjoy paddling in the sea if on a long trip in heavy swell I do get seasick and remember a number of trips when I was younger where I was hit hard by seasickness. I must confess that over the years the surfing has continued but the exploring the coast has dropped off.

However over the course of the summer I spent some time up on the West Coast of Scotland at the Unsponsored HQ summer retreat centre opposite Knoydart. This part of the world is a haven for both whitewater and sea kayaking, so it made sense to take advantage of the sheltered waters around Loch Hourn.

Vertical Element Explorer Aircore Pro Paddles - Review

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Movie Monday – Welsh Special

Something a little bit different for Movie Monday 21 December 2015. This week all of the edits are from the glorious whitewater haven that is Wales, a Movie Monday – Welsh Special. Enjoy.

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 12.28.53

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