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Day: 16 May 2016

Immersion Research – Arch Rival Rear Zip Limited Edition

The Arch Rival drysuit gets an upgrade and it’s looking pretty good. We are hoping to get one in for review.

Arch Rival Rear Zip Limited Edition

The Arch Rival Rear Zip Dry Suit is one of Immersion Research’s hardest working garments and certainly one of the best values. Maybe it isn’t as flashy as the 7Figure, or brooding and mysterious like the Devil’s Club but that is about to change. Introducing the Arch Rival Rear Zip Limited Edition!

We employed the Devil’s Club and Arch Rival Rear Zip pattern, which is well articulated for better paddling performance while eliminating extra fabric. Then we utilized our 7figure fabric in the body of the suit which offers excellent waterproofness and breathability. Finally, we included Devil’s Club Fabric Feet for increased durability. This is the culmination of our best dry suit qualities in one spectacular looking package.

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Movie Monday 16 May 2016

Half way through May. The sun is out and there is still water around, life is good. Movie Monday 16 May 2016 has a whole host of paddling action from across the globe.

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