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Day: 22 August 2016

Peak UK Racer ST – First Look

Peak UK have launched their new Racer ST. This revolutionary garment was four years in development and collaboration between Peak UK, British Canoeing and the English Institute of Sport.

Peak UK Racer ST - First Look

The Racer ST combines a cag, deck and PFD into one single piece of gear. We’ve seen and used cag decks (top decks)from Peak UK in the past and they have been a firm favourite at Unsponsored HQ, but adding the PFD element takes this to a whole new level.

The PFD/Cag/Deck combo was used by Joe Clarke, David Florence & Richard Hounslow in Rio this year.

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Movie Monday 22 August 2016

Movie Monday 22 August 2016 is here with a bang. We’ve selected a few edits that we have stumbled across over the last couple of days for your viewing pleasure. Hopefully they will go some way to numbing the pain of being at being back at work or study on a Monday morning. However if all of the following edits don’t fulfil your whitewater needs check out all of our Movie Mondays. There are quite a few!

Movie Monday 22 August 2016


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