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Day: 4 August 2017

Sweet Protection 2018 – Rocker

A Sweet Protection Rocker has been in the Unsponsored gear bag for a number of years. Mine is nice and simple gloss white number which I really get on well with. This Sweet Protection Rocker however is a two tone metallic affair. Metallic white top and metallic red lower. Even the visor matches.

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Sweet Protection 2018 – Shazam Shorts

Brand new from Sweet Protection for 2018 are the Shazam Shorts. The neoprene lined Shambala shorts are still in the range for 2018.

Sweet Protection 2018 - Shazam Shorts

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Sweet Protection 2018 – Sweet Strutter

Sweet Protection have just shared some of their new line up with Unsponsored. This includes some new gear, design changes and some colour updates.

First up is the 2018 Sweet Strutter.

Sweet Protection 2018

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