Surviving your first Uni Club trip is all about preparation.

Firstly do you have the right kit and/or access to the right kit? If not get the very basics sorted. It’s going to be a miserable trip if you get really cold. Make sure you have a dry set of kit to get changed into at the end of the trip, something nice and warm is always a great idea and include a hat. A large beach towel is good bit of kit to get hold of. You’ll need to put this kit into something and also be able to carry your wet kit home with you. Ikea bags and plastic “bags for life” are superb for this job.

Double check you have everything with you before you leave the house/halls. There is only one thing worse then getting to the mini bus and realising that you have forgotten something critical and that is getting off the bus at the start of the paddle and realising that you have forgotten something critical.

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