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Day: 8 September 2018

World First Aid Day

It is World First Aid day, so it seems an appropriate time for the superb Dirty First Aid series.

We all love to kayak, sure. It has some things we love and some we hate. First Aid often becomes the elephant in the room.

When was the last time you or your peers did a course or a workshop? Do you keep ‘up to speed’ on developments?

In this series I am pleased to offer a ‘dirty’ First Aid approach. This is suited to kayakers and river users. Using a ‘find it fix it’ approach to incident care and management.

Dirty First Aid - The Series

This first article will lay the foundations of rapid emergency aid. It’s a simple approach that a basic personal First Aid kit and things carried on you can deal with. Now is not the time to discuss what you should or should not carry in your kit. Read the series and make your own mind up.

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Social Media Saturday 8 September 2018

Welcome to Social Media Saturday 8 September 2018 at Unsponsored. Enjoy!

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