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Day: 29 November 2018

Clear Access Clear Waters

British Canoeing has launched its Access and Environment Charter – Clear Access, Clear Waters – a campaign which sets out a vision to confirm access to the rivers and inland waters of England and to protect the environment.

It brings together the views of members, the wider paddling community and other key stakeholders to clarify our vision for fair, shared, sustainable open access to water. 

Based around three key pledges it sets out our vision and ask of the Government to address the matter of public access on water and protection of our environment.

Working with MPs, key stakeholders such as DCMS, Wildlife and Countryside Link, Inland Waterways Association and Canal & Rivers Trust, the Charter we have brought Ambition Six to life.

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Weils Disease – Leptospirosis

I’ve kept this quiet for the last 10 days as I didnt really want too many people to know. The post below was what I put on the 2 kayaking groups we go with, so it’s aimed at paddlers a little, but, it also lets everyone else know what has happened. I’m still rushing about everywhere, so may not have time to reply to any messages. Currently she is in Ward 35 of LRI, and doing well, in fact today she was far better than yesterday, so is improving each day.  She has her phone now, so when she has the energy, she may reply to some of the messages she has. 

I think it’s safe enough to tell the story now. It’s long, but please read it as it may save your life.

A few of you have met Rae Baker, anyone who goes to the Nene will have seen her multiple times.

On Monday 12th Nov. she said she was feeling like she was coming down with a cold. Tuesday was the same, aching, but no sniffles/sneezes. Wednesday she said her legs were really aching.She didnt go to work as she felt terrible. She thought this was due to a bike ride the previous Saturday.

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