From Pyranha:

We recently received a report of a paddler becoming temporarily snagged during a wet exit from a 9R II; the paddler believes their footwear became wedged between the top of the plastic step-out pillar and the inside of the kayak.

Although we have been unable to re-create the issue internally, and have had no reports of similar issues elsewhere, we are taking the steps described below as a precaution.

In the 9R II, the top of the step-out pillar is trimmed to match the internal shape of the boat at this point and prevent any concentrated areas of stress on either the deck or the hull of the kayak. Due to the nature of rotomoulding, there are some variations in the resultant gap between the top of the step-out pillar and the kayak; if this gap is large enough to fit the sole of your shoe in, this may present a risk of becoming snagged.

If you believe that the gap in your 9R II is large enough to present such a risk, please contact the dealer from which you purchased the kayak as soon as possible; a foam insert will be provided free of charge which can be installed simply to the existing step-out pillar by the dealer or end-user, filling the space and therefore reducing the potential risk.