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Day: 3 January 2020

The Salad Days: The Illustrious River Career of Herman Hoops

The Salad Days: The Illustrious River Career of Herman Hoops.

“A river trip in a boat is a magic carpet. It’s a ballet and you can feel in the oars what the river is saying. That’s the part that’s really hard for me to give up, that feeling of using all my knowledge and skills to dance on a river. If you’re a river runner, this is it, man…” 

In the final chapter of his life, legendary river runner and activist Herm Hoops has the opportunity to take one last river trip through his treasured Desolation Canyon on the Green River. “Salad Days” gives us a rare glimpse of what it means when a person has the chance to reflect on a lifetime of passion and river running as they knowingly go through the stages of dying.

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Get Out There

Get out there with Nouria Newman.

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Nookie Core Hybrid – Review

The Nookie Core Hybrid base layer has to be one of the pieces of gear that has has been used the most over 2019 and will be used heavily over 2020.

On the face of it the Nookie Core Hybrid looks like a rash vest and is certainly cut in a very similar way. Where it differs and where it really stands out from the rest is the material.

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