Darren Clarkson King of Pure Land Expeditions is making a short lecture tour at the beginning of 2018 before he heads back to the Himalayas.

How I Accidentally Became A Guide

4th Jan 2018 7pm http://www.bradbingcc.co.uk/daz/ (Bradford & Bingley CC)

27th Jan 2018 6pm North East Kayaks & Paddles

1 Feb 2018 time TBC AS Watersports

‘How I accidentally became a guide.’ is the title of the talk and Darren will be telling stories from his adventures over the last 20 years, about the Nepal earthquake, rebels, Everest descents, solo trips, speed descents, and more. He has been called one of the most innovative paddlers of his generation, his name synonymous with a generation of Himalaya paddlers.

How I Accidentally Became A Guide

To hear Darren speak about his adventures is to marvel at the unassuming nature of the man who, while deliberately humbled by nature, is never tamed by it. He delivers a delightful antidote to the all too common life-coaching style of “wanting it” and “owning it” and shows that teamwork and self-belief can be built upon much more sustainable foundations. I recommend his inspirational presentation style to people from all walks of life. You cannot fail to be empowered by it.

– Mattos

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