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Boat History – Update

Having had a bit of kayak geekness with Darren Clarkson-King on Facebook I was pondering over the boats that I have owned since I started paddling at the age of 11. Boat History – Update.

From 1985+:

Fibreglass Gen Purpose – Unknown make/model
Ace Swing
Prijon T Canyon
Eskimo Gambler
Pyranha Microbat 230
Prijon Avenger
Dagger Vertigo
Riot Glide (surf seat)
Necky Gliss
Riot Disco (surf seat)
Prijon Delirious
Prijon Delirium
Prijon Release
Liquid Logic Vision 56
Pyranha 4Twenty
Liquid Logic Ronin 59
Madriver Legend 15
Liquid Logic Biscuit 65
Wavesport Recon 93
Riot Glide (surf seat)
Pyranha Jed
Eskimo Topo Duo
Liquid Logic Stomper
Liquid Logic Flying Squirrel


Dagger Jitsu 6.0
Dagger Phantom
Spade Kayaks – Ace of Spades

My favourite boats from list are the:

Prijon Avenger – super tough, fast and most importantly black.
Riot Glide – a superb boat, especially with the surf seat.
Dagger Phantom – we designed one just like it.

What boats have you owned over the years? Let us know in the comments section below.


  1. keith Elliott

    From 1988:

    General purpose fibre glass (unknown)
    Vaudje slalom boat
    Unknown fibre glass C1
    Perception Dancer
    Topo Spud
    Pyrahna mountainbat
    Prison Gambler
    Liquid Logic Hoss
    Jackson Karma
    Jackson Super Hero
    Lettmann Granate

    Current boats:

    Exo T Rex
    Silverbirch Covert
    Silverbirch Broadland 15

  2. Simon Cale

    1992 Dagger, Aeroquatic, AQII updated version. Best boat ever.

    • Unsponsored

      AQII was a superb boat. Way ahead of its time.

    • Simon Cale

      Sean Baker, Rodeos way back, loved the AQII so much in 1992 he said he was going to put a new unused one in his loft and bring it out in 26 years……..

      • Unsponsored

        I wonder if he did. He’s only got a few weeks left to dig it out.

        • Snakey

          I always stuck with the mk1, way bigger airtime for my 9.5stone physique!

  3. Jonathan McElhinney

    From 1997
    Perception Reflex Fusion (slalom)
    Nomad Touch 2 (slalom)
    Technique Kick (slalom)
    Riot Trickster
    Necky Zip
    Necky Switch
    Liquidlogic Space Cadet
    Robson Blowfish
    Pyranha Burn MK1

    Nomad Pulsar (slalom)
    Lettmann Granate
    Wavesport Fuse

    • Unsponsored

      Ah the Necky Zip. That thing ripped up waves.

  4. will potts

    prijon Invader
    perception whiplash
    pyranah Inazone 240
    pyranah Inazone 232
    liquid logic session plus
    pyranha 7 0
    wave sport big ez

    pyranah burn
    dagger mamba

    • Unsponsored

      Prijon Invader was a posh Perception Dancer. A really radical “short” kayak. Hard as nails.

  5. Tom Crow

    From 1995…

    Pyranha Microbat 230
    Prijon Fly
    Waveport Stubby
    Riot showbiz
    Riot Prankster
    Riot Trickster
    Necky Bliss
    Eskimo Salto
    Pyranha s6
    Riot Air
    Dagger kingpin
    Eskimo salto (2)
    Eskimo Quadro
    Pyranha H2
    Prijon Release
    Eskimo Salto (3)
    Eskimo Salto (4)
    Dagger G-ride
    Liquid logic jefe

    Currently :
    Prospector 16
    Mega Neutron
    Dagger juice
    Zet raptor
    Pyranha Jed
    Waka Tuna
    Eskimo Quadro (2)

    • Unsponsored

      Impressive list Tom. I’m surprised you could get in the Release.

      • tom crow

        Don’t remember if being too bad . Hadn’t realised I’d had quite so many boats tbh!

  6. Paul Targett

    Some great lists here had to add:
    Unknown maker Shrike (paper thin fibreglass)
    Home made Comanche
    Perception Mirage
    Pyranah Master
    Pyranah Freestyle (borrowed)
    Pyranah Roto Bat (first self owned and paid)
    Valley Anasacuta
    Pyranah Stunt Bat (Wave carve monster)
    Pyranah Magic Bat
    Perception Piroette Super Sport (regretted once I saw an Acro 270!)
    Pyranah Storm (long term loaner)
    Various borrowed boats from Tryweryn stores!
    Perception Method Air
    Perception Amp
    Perception Java (lost in an undercut on the Afon Conwy!)
    NDK Romany Explorer
    Pyranah H3 (worn and repaired under seat for years!)
    Pyranah Burn mk1 (stolen off roof!)
    Pyranah Burn mk2 (still my daily driver)
    We-No-Ah Prospector 16
    SKUK Romany Surf

    • Paul Targett

      Oops forgot the Pyranah Razor after the Super Sport!

  7. Atvars Eglītis

    Liquid Logic Stomper worst kayak ever!

  8. Mark Barwell

    Pyranha Blade
    Dagger Transition
    Prijon Alien
    Acrobat 270
    Valley Squirtboat
    Inazone 230
    Jackson Fun II
    Wilderness Systems Tsunami 170
    Pyranha Burn mk3

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