This is the kind of stuff I love, folk finding a refined solution to a problem – this is exactly what Booicore have done.

Our sport nesitates getting changed at the side of the roads, in public carparks etc, which often doesn’t go down well with the general public. Keeping warm, getting changed quickly without offending passers by is sometimes a challenge. Booicore have created an all in one towel/hoodie/changing tent combination that is perfect for paddlers.

I had seen the Booicore kit in a number of kayak shops over the last few months and was keen to check it out. Booicore kindly sent some kit to review for the site.

A little info taken from the email Booicore sent:

We’re a one man band (& 1 woman) so we haven’t got the visibility of the major players (o’neill etc). We make them, they’re not re-branded. We designed it and tested/refined it until it was exactly what we wanted, because we use them.

That’s why we started making ’em.

In the 3 years we’ve been making them, not a single one has been returned. Quality over profit all the way! If I’m deck-changing on Fraisthorpe beach at 3C in November then it damn well needs to be. ­čÖé

The fabric is similar to a really good beach towel, it has a good sized hood and large kangaroo hand warmer pocket. I tested the Booicore hoodie for the first time last weekend and it must have been around 2 degrees Celsius whilst I was getting changed and the kit provided plenty of coverage and good protection from the elements. At 6ft 1″ and 200lbs I had plenty of room within the Booicore hoodie without feeling restricted in any way.

I make a fair bit of stuff and I have become quite obsessed with checking out the quality of stitching and the general construction of the kit I use. In all cases the hoodie gets top marks. It has clearly been very well put together.

A smart storage bag is provided as part of the package which is a really nice touch.

At around £30 the Booicore represents pretty good value. It is one of these bits of kit that you only need to buy once and will use for years.


August 2017 – I have been using the Booicore Changing Robe pretty much a couple of times per week for the best part of 5 years. It is holding up real well. No holes, rips or tears. After being washed who knows how many times the fabric is great, in fact it has probably even got better with age. I have noticed that they now do a range of different colours. I don’t actually need another one, but will be getting a red one and a children’s version for the youngest member of Team Unsponsored.