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Dagger Nomad 2016 – First Look

Unsponsored has had a closer look at the Dagger Nomad 2016. When we first shared the news that a new Nomad was on its way hits on the site went crazy for days showing that this really is something that the whitewater kayaking community have welcomed.

Dagger Nomad 2016 - First Look

Snowy Robertson has worked tirelessly through several iterations of prototype which has resulted in the kayaks shown in the post.

UPDATE: First paddle impressions of the Nomad can be found here.

From the images I have seen and the videos viewed I had the impression that the large 9.0 Nomad was going going to be something akin to a US aircraft carrier. However up close and personal this is not the case. There is no doubt that the Nomad is a high volume kayak but it has been placed in such away that for a guy who paddles big boats I don’t feel that it is huge.


Nomad 8.2 (s) – 8ft 3″
Nomad 8.6 (m) – 8ft 6″
Nomad 9.0 (l) – 9ft


Nomad 8.2 (s) – 25.5″
Nomad 8.6 (m) – 26″
Nomad 9.0 (l) – 26.75″

Deck Height:

Nomad 8.2 (s) – 13″
Nomad 8.6 (m) – 14.5″
Nomad 9.0 (l) – 15.25″


Nomad 8.2 (s) – 34″ x 19″
Nomad 8.6 (m) – 34″ x 19″
Nomad 9.0 (l) – 34″ x 19″

Estimated Weight:

Nomad 8.2 (s) – 44lbs/20kg
Nomad 8.6 (m) – 48lbs/22kg
Nomad 9.0 (l) – 51lbs/23kg

The Dagger Contour outfitting is well tested and is still my favourite outfitting system and in essence it has broadly remained the same.

Unsponsored-Dagger-Nomad-2016- 070

Unsponsored-Dagger-Nomad-2016- 072

Unsponsored-Dagger-Nomad-2016- 069

Unsponsored-Dagger-Nomad-2016- 059

The big changes are the removal of the “tray” that sat under the seat and the addition of two webbing gear clip-in straps to the rear of the seat.

The plastic on the two versions shown here have a highly textured finish that is created during the moulding process hence the matt finish.

Up close the Nomad looks like a really smart and considered design. It looks right.

For those wondering when the boat will be available, the big boy 9.0 will be released in the new year closely followed by the remaining sizes.

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  1. Chris Clifford

    Hi. I know this post was a while back, but I’m keen to get this boat. The big issue is the medium or the large. I’m 5″7″ and 100kg. But as you mentioned, frst impressions arhat 363litres compared to 326 litres is a big difference and concerned the Large may limit maeuveability etc. Have you tried the mdium or any othercoments to put my mind at ease about this issue. Either way, it looks like a grat boat.

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