These shorts are what kicked off the production of the new Unsponsored Ts by Dewerstone. I had stumbled upon a post about Dewerstone’s campaign to raise funds to get the shorts into production via Kickstarter. I had heard/seen a fair bit about Kickstarter but this was the first time that I was motivated to invest.


The shorts come in a range of colours including the black pinstripe shown here.


The shorts are super lightweight with a little bit of stretch built into the fabric. The waist is fastened via a lace system and the fly is secured in place through the use of a small strip of Velcro. A pocket sits on the right leg and includes a drain hole.


The Dewerstone Life shorts are knee length which will give pretty good coverage whilst sat in the boat and offer some protection against rubs from thigh braces etc.


Overall these shorts are pretty impressive with a good fit and feel. I intend to test these over the next couple of months before the weather takes a real turn for the worse.