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Guigui Prod Shinobi

Guigui Prod have been around for some time producing some of the best custom playboats available. Guigui Prod has released a new composite creek boat named the Shinobi. The design of the hull has come about through the collaboration of Guigui Prod and the Easy Kayak Team.

Guigui Prod Shinobi

The version shown here is the 17KG Beton Concrete construction which is designed to be super tough. All of the features you expect to see on a river running boat feature on the Shinobi.

Guigui Prod Shinobi

Usually composite kayaks are made in two pieces and then essentially glued together. Guigui have a super secret construction method that allows them to create a one piece kayak hull.

Guigui Prod Shinobi

Is that a carbon railed full plate footrest? Yes it is.


  • Length 271cm
  • Width 67cm
  • Height 38cm
  • Weight 15kg to 18kg depending on spec

Images: Guillaume Respaud

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  1. kayaker2015

    I like right down to the colour.

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