Pat Keller talks us through the new Liquidlogic Delta V kayak.

Introducing the Liquidlogic Delta V

The specifications are as follows:

Length 259cm
Width 69cm
Cockpit Length 87.6cm
Cockpit Width 53cm
Weight 22kg
Volume 333L
Paddler Weight 68 – 113kg

This puts the Delta V of being longer than the Stomper 90 and Jefe Grande. However in terms of volume it is 8l smaller than the Stomper 90 and Jefe Grande. This in turn means that the Delta V is recommended for paddlers between 68 and 113kg. The Stomper 90 is 77 to 122kg and the Jefe Grande 77 – 132KG.

You’ll see a few features on the deck that can also be found on the very popular Remix kayak series. But there is greater use of what Liquidlogic are calling Turbo Acceleration Pockets aka Turbo Boosters. There aim being that water helps the kayak move by pushing against these contours.

The Bad Ass outfitting remains the same.