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Joby Suction Cup, Locking And GorillaPod Arm

Joby have been releasing great accessories for action cameras (POV) for years now. The original GorillaPod being an outstanding product and now available in all sorts of sizes, colours, and materials to hold what ever you can throw at them or fit in with your fashion. Easy to carry, intuitive to use and outstanding performance. So what is Joby’s latest offering and how will it improve your game?

Unsponsored Joby Suction Cup 6

The Joby Suction Cup and Locking arm/GorillaPod arm is another suction cup to add to the current market, now I know there are quite a few knocking about, GoPro produce one, Contour produce one, you can also go on eBay and pick one up for reasonably cheap but like those annoying Sat Nav suction cups they fall off, or simply don’t have the suction to hold onto most surfaces.

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Joby’s new suction cup I have been using now since the prototyping stages and the ability to stick onto a kayak with ease is something many people just don’t seem to try. I assume its fear of losing their precious camera. But things have definitely moved on. The Suction Cup comes separate to the locking arm allowing you to use this with the full range of Joby Action Series products. On top of the suction cup is a 1/4 inch thread to screw in the locking arm or any other device. Once tightened this doesn’t budge and holds in place thanks to a small rubber washer supplied on the locking arm even when wet this holds in place and allows you to continue shooting.

Unsponsored Joby Suction Cup 2

The suction cup itself looks like any other however has a good amount of travel before locking into place, some suction cups are very shallow so you do not get a very good airlock. This allows you to use the Joby Suction cup on not only flat surfaces but a good range of curvatures (Test it first as this is hard to measure) I have used these or seen them used on my Wavesport Recon, Wavesport Mobius, Pyranha Burn, Letteman Granite, and Zet Raptor with ease. My one bit of advice keep it to a shiny surface, however Joby do have a range of cool stickers to allow you to expand your stickability! They really have thought of everything.

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The suction cup is very intuitive, it has a red rubber band around the exterior which can easily be gripped and twisted to lock the suction cup. I use these and have had no issues on my kayaks in the wet, and on my car bonnet, windscreen etc in the rain. I shall be taking mine skiing in Feb to try out on a ski/board too. Oh yeah and I’ve even sucked onto a storm troopers helmet!

Unsponsored Joby Suction Cup 10

The locking arm features two ball joints one allows you to pivot through 180 degrees, and rotate through 360 so you have full control how you position your camera. I am a Contour user so for me having the adjustability is great. Both ball joints lock in place thanks to a single twist lock knob making it quick and easy to adjust.

Unsponsored Joby Suction Cup 3

My advice for the most secure system is to lock on the suction cup first separate to the locking arm and then screw in and tighten the locking arm in place before tweaking your positioning. This way your locking arm is tight into the suction cup. I also always recommend using a tether with your suction cup for extra security, I have knocked mine off a couple of times but only due to hitting it with my paddle when on a short freestyle kayak and of course the dreaded slalom poles! Amazon do some cheap 3M tethers that do the job great.

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Unsponsored Joby Suction Cup 14

I used these earlier on this summer when filming for Joe Morley in Nottingham, Joe was cartwheeling his creek boat with the suction cup and it stayed on strong.

HPP Nottingham 07/07/14 from Dale Mears on Vimeo.

What is especially good is now you can also combine as many Joby suction cups as you want to hold heavier cameras, I have 4 linked up to a ball head for use with my DSLR as Joby have recently released their Action adapter kit and Hub adapter check them out on

Words and images from Dale Mears.


  1. GT

    Like the look of this, are the stickers specifically designed for use with the suction cup? Couldn’t see anything on the website.

  2. Dale Mears

    Hi GT yes they are I have a couple but not sure if just for promotion to hand out at shows etc.

  3. Colin

    Nice review, I’ve been having a look at these.

    Did you get it tested on skis/board? How did it cope with vibrations?

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