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Kayak Hull Gel Coat And Layup

Check out this great video from The Composite Shop. veer fancied building your own boat using an open mould? If so this is for you.

Kayak Hull Gel Coat and Layup
Kayak Hull Gel Coat and Layup

Gel Coating and Laminating a composite GRP Surf Kayak Hull in full detail right here on Episode 2 of the Composites Shop – Mega Surf Kayak Build. This boat is an Open Mould hand laminated Carbon reinforced hull and every step is outlined in this video. These techniques can be used for any open moulded product be it boat building, fiberglass automobile parts, kayaks, canoes, and bespoke homewares and artworks.

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  1. Jonathan Schlefer

    Composite kayaks can be a lot lighter than the plastic, but they’re pretty rare these days. River Elf is the only manufacturer I know of in the United States. Does anyone know if molds for composite creek boats or river runners — or manufacturers of them — are to be found in the northeastern US?

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