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Kayak Technique – Foot Drive

Kayak Technique - Foot Drive
Kayak Technique – Foot Drive

This video is (perhaps) the first in a series which will explore the common errors in kayak technique. This episode is about the positioning and use of the feet. All opinions are personal and open to correction and discussion. I have deliberately not got involved with straps or pull bars in this episode.

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  1. Johnny C

    Thanks for this, found it very informative and hopefully useful. I paddle a Burn with full (vertical) footrest which leaves me with a gap at the heel and forces my power through the ball of the foot engaging my quads only. I will try out your idea and fill that gap and hope it makes a difference (I do get a bit of hip ache while paddling!) Will let you know how it goes. Look forward to more videos, many thanks, John

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