I have had several emails asking for another run down of my kit and how it is holding up, so here goes.

First and foremost my Astral Brewer shoes haven’t had a look in. Time and time again I go for the Five Ten Water Tennies. Through the winter they have been great. They’ve performed well on wet greasy rock, mud and snow/ice. The laces and eyelets are all in place and the soles are wearing incredibly well.


The Astrals are still great, I just prefer the Water Tennies.

My VE paddles have taken a beating this year and are still come back fighting for more. I cannot fault the design or build quality of these things.

My Liquid Logic Stomper has been sold and now lives on the other side of the Pennines. My big boat is now the Wavesport Recon 93. It’s heavy but I’m getting used to that, but once on the water its hard to notice any extra weight. The white core outfitting has remained bright white and very crisp. I had visions of it ending up some horrible grey/brown colour but this hasn’t happened.

The Pyranha Jed has seen a couple of outings in the last few weeks. I’m still liking it but have found one major niggle that will be common to all boats with Connect 30 outfitting. The system used to hold the seat padding to the base of the seat involves a series of plastic spikes. They are very spikey and painful if you catch them. I did when I was moving my boat around at the pool. I am hoping that some Sugru will solve the issue.

My Palm Spark surface immersion suit is going strong. I still haven’t got around to sending it off for the socks! It is wearing well and the water repellency treatment is still good. I have had issues with some of the velcro near the main TiZip beginning to fray but a quick zap with a flame has taken care of that.