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Liquidlogic Delta V 88 – First Impressions

Initial impressions of the new LL Delta V 88 after 1 Green lap at 7.5″ for those of you that care and have contacted me about it…if you don’t know me really quickly stats that might affect boat performance 6’0″ 170ish paddling a Stomper 90 as a creek boat for the last 6 years (I’ve been through 6 of them) and a Braaap for the last year.

Liquidlogic Delta V 88 - First Impressions

I’ve been reluctant to give up the Stomper because it’s my go to class 5 SE creeker but I’ve been having a blast in the Braaap. I’m just not comfortable enough in the Braaap to really get into the class 5 realm in it.

Liquidlogic Delta V 88 - First Impressions

I really enjoyed the first lap in the Delta V. Immediately recognized the Braaap like hull features but with lots more primary stability and found the boat very nimble for a creek boat. Faster than the Stomper but without giving up too much of that “turning on a dime” ability.

Liquidlogic Delta V 88 - First Impressions

It is a wide boat for someone my size and I feel like I could benefit from a seat pad to raise my center of gravity slightly gaining just a little bit of leverage. I only really noticed the width rolling it up. Unfortunately, I was not able to engage my “turbo boosters” except when I melted down into Toilet Bowl and then rocketed into the rock.

Chris Wing had a wonderful view of this stellar performance just before he ran me over. Combat roll testing checked and good to go! Overall, I’m really happy with the choice to buy this boat and stoked to get it out again tomorrow.

Words and pictures: Nick Fiedler

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  1. AlanW

    Looks great. Is that standard colour or a one-off special?

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