More Monday Whitewater Movies from the Unsponsored film board. Fill your boots.

Informal Gathering at Quake Lake

In 1959 an earthquake struck southwestern Montana and a massive landslide tore down the side of the mountain, burying 28 people who were camping in the area. The landslide backed up the river and created “Quake” lake. It also formed this unique 3 mile stretch of whitewater. It is shallow, sharp, consistent, and the only place near bozeman with water in October. Enjoy!

Informal Gathering at Quake Lake from Wes McCue on Vimeo.

Little River Canyon

Little River Canyon from OGP Productions on Vimeo.

Narrows Light

Narrows Light from Mark Miller on Vimeo.

Wake Footage

waka footage (quirin haslberger) from Quitschie on Vimeo.

Moose Fest 2015

Moose Fest 2015 from Sam Johnson on Vimeo.