Low water here in my part of the UK means that Movie Monday 5 December 2015 is very much needed! We have a nice selection of edits from around the world to get your teeth into.

Movie Monday 5 December 2015

If you have lots of free time why not check out the hundreds of other edits hidden within our Movie Monday archive.

Saison 2016 Marlou

Saison 2016 Marlou from Marlène Devillez on Vimeo.

Jalostajat: Laws Of Lieksa ep.1

Jalostajat: Laws Of Lieksa ep.1 from Jalostajat on Vimeo.

Quim Fontané 2016 ‘For the love’

Quim Fontané 2016 'For the love' from Quim Fontané on Vimeo.

“Granite Babylon” Teaser

"Granite Babylon" Teaser from Liam Fournier on Vimeo.

Tallulah Gorge – November 2016

Tallulah Gorge – November 2016 from Alexander Leck on Vimeo.

Norway 2016 Gregor Unterdechler

Norway 2016 Gregor Unterdechler from Gregor Unterdechler on Vimeo.

Sickline 2016 – Mature

Sickline 2016 from Stephen May on Vimeo.

I Think It’s Clean

I Think It's Clean from Monty on Vimeo.

Jahfferson Crick

Jahfferson Crick from Holy Rollaz on Vimeo.

Rio Navados

Rio Navados from Andrew Morrissey on Vimeo.

Hurley Weir

Hurley Weir from Daniel McGaley on Vimeo.

The vast majority of the edits within Movie Monday 5 December 2016 have been filmed using the GoPro range of cameras.

What gear do you use? Have you got an edit you want to share with the rest of the world? Contact us via the comment section below.