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New Dagger Nomad

After 12 years Dagger Kayaks have redesigned the Nomad. The new Nomad will be available January 2016.

New Dagger Nomad

UPDATE: First paddle impressions of the Nomad can be found here.

From Dagger:

We are proud to introduce the new Nomad. The best creeker ever made gets better with more volume, more speed, optimized rocker, and three sizes.

Interestingly this is not the same boat as shown on Unsponsored a while back. 


Nomad 8.2 (s) – 8ft 3″
Nomad 8.6 (m) – 8ft 6″
Nomad 9.0 (l) – 9ft


Nomad 8.2 (s) – 25.5″
Nomad 8.6 (m) – 26″
Nomad 9.0 (l) – 26.75″

Deck Height:

Nomad 8.2 (s) – 13″
Nomad 8.6 (m) – 14.5″
Nomad 9.0 (l) – 15.25″


Nomad 8.2 (s) – 34″ x 19″
Nomad 8.6 (m) – 34″ x 19″
Nomad 9.0 (l) – 34″ x 19″

Estimated Weight:

Nomad 8.2 (s) – 44lbs/20kg
Nomad 8.6 (m) – 48lbs/22kg
Nomad 9.0 (l) – 51lbs/23kg

The large Nomad is 9ft long and has an estimated 93 gallon volume, however until the final boats are produced the volumes will not be fully known.

The video below shows the new Nomad in action (Green boat), and paddled by Simon Westgarth (with metallic yellow Sweet helmet).

Gene17Kayaking's Piemonte Steep Creeking Promo from Gene17 – Simon Westgarth on Vimeo.

I’ve put together the following comparing the Nomad 8.1 and 8.5 against the three new 2016 models.

Dagger Nomad Comparison

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  1. GRIZ

    Nice to see a new Dagger big boat but they need a new play boat too. I still love both my Dagger Nomad 8.5 and my Jitsu 6.0 BUT BUT BUT BUT….. I do NOT want to buy another Jitsu even as mine is wearing out. Dagger has absolutely no information on when or if a new play boat is coming from them and the Jitsu is definitely getting long in the tooth. Especially with two (arguably three) new Jackson Rockstar series out since the Jitsu introduction. I’m not saying I’ve outgrown my Jitsu or even using it anywhere near it’s potential but I’m a consumer and if I’m spending cash new toys are nice….

    • Unsponsored

      I own a Jitsu and love it. I’m not sure that all manufacturers could push out a new playboat each year. I don’t think it’s sustainable anymore. For me to part with my Jitsu something pretty major will need to be brought out.

  2. Parps

    Looking forward to try to new Nomad 9.0, but I would love it if the brought out a Mamba 9.0, any whispers on that front? It is going on my Santa wish list this year.

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