Some great footage from an awesome event. Check out the boat being paddled by Tad Dennis at 5.14. Dagger Phantom?

The North Fork Championship V

The North Fork Championship V rallied the best kayakers in the world to the great state of Idaho for a weekend of incredible kayaking, amazing lifestyling, and the rowdiest parties!!

The NFC Whitewater Festival is a venue that showcases the talent and energy that is in the sport of kayaking. Kayaking is among the upper echelon of any extreme sport and the NFC highlights the highest level of extreme kayak racing, photos, videos and characters in this awesome sport!

NORTH FORK CHAMPIONSHIP V from The North Fork Championship on Vimeo.

The kayaking community is filled with so much positive energy it’s ridiculous!!

The NFC brings to you the freshest of what the world of kayaking has to offer.

Come enjoy the rowdiest whitewater weekend of your life !!

June 15-17th, 2017

Stay tuned to the NFC |

Film by

Director // Editor: Skip Armstrong
Producer: Jay Gifford
Graphics: Matt Baker
Cinematography: Matt Baker, Fred Norquist, Skip Armstrong, Jason Jacopian, Ben Dann, Chris Cresci, Edward Muggridge, Todd Wells, Brendan Wells, Gareth Tate
Stills: Mike Leeds, Erik Boomer, Tait Trautman, John Webster
Special Thanks: Ryan Bailey, James McLeod, Marty Rood, Sam Goff, Preston Woods


“Doomsday” by Andrew Bayer

“Tribute To The Classics” by Kognitif

“Throw It Back (Instrumental)” by ProleteR


Gerd Serrasolses, Dane Jackson, Isaac Levinson, Aniol Serrasolses, Alec Voorhes, Tren Long, Todd Wells, Nouria Newman, Kyle Hull, Kalob Grady, Andrew Holcombe, Louis Geltman, Nick Troutman, Brendan Wells, Erik Johnson, Galen Volckhausen, Eric Deguil, Rush Sturges, Tyler Bradt, Liam Fournier, Nate Garcia, Seth Stoenner, Joey Simmons, Jules Domine, Brad McMillan, Eric Parker.