The Necky Gliss is one of the nicest all round boats I have ever paddled. It goes well on flat water, tracks well and has reasonable speed without the bow plough. On the wave the gliss handles very well, it is well balanced and has a good combination of speed and spinability.


Outfitting by today’s standards can be seen as basic with keeper footrests and static seat and foam backrest pod. But once padded out the boat feels good and fits well. I used a combination of sleepmat on the seat and Mega competition hip pads.


You can play in the Necky and take it on the river just as easily – a role which many of the new park n’ play and air boats cannot fulfil. This means that the Necky Gliss fills a gap in the market that many manufacturers are currently ignoring. It isn’t going to set the wave alight with performance or be considered as a radical design but its simplicity is its greatest virtue. It is happy on the wave, in the surf or on flat water. Great for newcomers to the sport or those who paddle a bit of everything.


As new boats continually appear on the market the need for an all-rounder will come again and the Necky Gliss is a competent design that fulfils this role well.