Brian Vermillion recently got his hands on the new Pyranha Machno (small) and took it down the Cheoah.

Cheoah release was last Saturday, and I was lucky enough to get a full lap in while testing out the Pyranha Machno. I chose to use the Machno small, which ended up being the perfect size for me. At 5’5” and 150lbs the small Machno at 73 gallons was perfect for this gem of a run.

The first thing I noticed when I sat in the Machno small was, “WOW this boat feels short.” With the 9r being 8’11” and the Machno small being 8’5” the 6” difference was really noticed. The Machno is a bit wider than the 9r which made the boat very stable and forgiving. The knee position in the Machno is wider than the 9r as well, but not as wide as the Jackson Nirvana. With the new thigh braces in the Machno you really feel locked in.

The Machno is not another super fast race boat but instead a do it all creaking machine. The Machno can punch any hole, boof every wave/rock and still keep its speed all while being super stable and easy to paddle.

The bow rocker is extreme (much like the 9r) which keeps you dry while boofing drops and punching holes. The hull of the boat is very stable which made paddling a breeze. Going through Land Of A Thousands Holes was so much fun with this boat! The extra volume in the stern and the stability of the hull let me coast through this rapid without having to take a stoke. The Machno really drops the class of any rapid you run. Class 4 becomes a class 3 cake walk.

But, where this boat really shines is on the hard stuff… It truly is a 4×4 creek boat. The bridge down section of the Cheaoh is packed with big boofs, holes and fast rocky moves. The Machno was built for this. I was blown away by how easily and successfully this boat boofs. Chaos, Bear Creek and Yardsale rapids were easy in the boat. The river slows down as you plan your next move, making it easy to get where you need to be.

The Machno is a bit harder to keep on line compared to the 9r due to the shorter length and wider curved hull. Also, the speed of the Machno is not that of the 9r, but again this boat isn’t a race boat. This boat excels as a 4×4 creeking machine, and with this in mind the Machno is perfect at what it was made for.

Over all, I am very excited for the boat design and can’t wait to get it out on some steep creeks where this boat will truly shine. The extra volume, extreme rocker and soft edges make it a super stable creek boat that can handle anything you throw at it.

Words: Brian Vermillion