Reader – Liam Chambers

Country – Chasing water in Wales/Lakes

Currently in my final year studying Civil Engineering at the University of Liverpool.


Boat – Pyranha Everest, owned this for 4 months having previously had a Shiva and a Mamba and wanting to go back to a big volume boat with a large rail. Added the seat from a small burn to sit higher and a little bit lighter. Hooker thigh braces for extra goodness and removed the footrest in favour of foam (more buoyant and less weight). Previous Kayaks start to present: Pyranha Stretch, Dagger Mamba, Pyranha Shiva, Everest, Pyranha S6 (bought for the hooker thigh braces).


Paddles – Werner Sherpa Cranks 2 years old, were 194cm now 188cm! These have seen a lot of use, right from when I sold my first set of paddles and I have currently got on order some Mitchell Cranks for bigger water at 197cm.

Helmet – Sweet Protection Wanderer – not as pricey as the rocker, and I also painted it to customise it as I didn’t like the original colour, pretty unique colour in orange and white.


Dry Gear- Kokatat Drysuit = Awesome, Sweet Prophecy Cag = awesome, Level 6 Dry pants and Palm apex cag.

Bouyancy aid- Astral Greenjacket. Really good piece of kit had it for just over a year now, super safe and comfortable, loads of impact protection, and reasonable storage.

Safety Kit- HF 20m throwbag, pretty extensive pin-kit always in my BA (needs must).

Footwear – A trashed set of 5:10 Canyoneers

I get out boating 2/3 times a week when the weather allows and usually seen at the Tryweryn in the summer months. So my kit really does not last long and rarely has time to dry, it’s there to be used and abused so I tend to get through things quickly!

I like my harder whitewater paddling and the more unusual rivers to run. Some of my videos contain some of these rivers which thanks to being at Uni has allowed me to catch midweek after some rain.

Aims for the future: Compete at the MRR 2014, Norway summer 2014, Graduate, Spend more time filming rivers. Paddle for a team/company in the near future.

Thanks Liam