We’ve been running the newest Sweet Protection Intergalactic drysuit for a year after running version 1 for just over a year. It’s now time for some feedback.

First and foremost this is an expensive suit at around £900. It must therefore function at the very highest level to payback some of those pennies.

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The entire suit it now completely Goretex, there are no re-enforcement cordura panels. The Goretex is also the same as that used in the updated Supernova dry top and incorporates Ocean Technology. Which essentially the means that the membrane has been designed to work in super wet environments that involve immersion.

The Intergalactic Dry Suit is a high-tech piece of equipment packed with all the features you need for the best possible on-river performance, in the most demanding conditions. The suit is constructed entirely of the toughest GORE-TEX® material ever made; GORE-TEX® PRO with Ocean Technology® membrane, recognized as the most durable waterproof and breathable fabric available in the world today.

Recognized as the most durable waterproof and breathable fabric available in the world today. Trusted in extreme, wet and rough conditions, the new GORE-TEX® Pro redefines the standard for comfort and protection; delivering more ruggedness and up to 28% more breathability with uncompromised durable, waterproof and windproof protection. The textured Polyester face material we use in both the Intergalactic and Supernova is extremely durable and static – the latter will prevent any clinging effect to your body.

When I picked up mine in 2015 it was only available in red. For 2016 the design and fabric remains the same but both the Intergalactic and Supernova are available in this rather fetching blue.


The positioning of the key components and the cut remains essentially the same. You get pockets on both the chest and thigh. A TiZip across the chest for getting the suit on and off and a TiZip for peeing duties.

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I have a large Intergalactic and for my height (6ft 2in) and weight approx 200lbs and the fit is great.

The cut is still absolutely bang on for me. No excess fabric getting in the way. On the subject of the fabric, it is noticeably stiffer. For me this is the key. If the fit isn’t right I’m not going to feel comfortable and the gear then becomes a massive distraction. The best gear is that which you can use and essentially can forget about and the new Sweet Protection Intergalactic fits the bill perfectly.