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Wavesport Mobius – Review

No I’m not a great freestyle paddler, I’d never be sponsored or make it on to any team. However I love paddling play boats and can throw the odd end on both the flat and in the rough stuff when the fancy takes me.

For the last few years I have been paddling the Wavesport Project X. It’s a great boat and I have loved owning and paddling one. However I had begun to get itchy feet and very almost switch to Dagger after a demo in the Jitsu. I managed to hold off, thanks to a poor bank balance but have over the last couple of months been paddling the Wavesport Mobius after saving up some pennies.

Wavesport Mobius - Review
Wavesport Mobius – Review
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Wavesport Recon – First Paddle

I had the pleasure of being the first person (probably) in the UK to paddle the new Wavesport Recon. I had seen the boat a couple of weeks ago and had arranged to hook up with Tom at the Tees Barrage for an evening paddle. The Tees Barrage has always been a great place for me to check out boats as its been my local paddle spot since the day it opened way back in the last century.

The boat I paddled is a Wavesport Recon 83 and is a final prototype, so apart from the quality of the plastic finish in a couple of areas it is the same as the final production model. Continue reading

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