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Astral Greenjacket LE11

Astral have a new limited edition Greenjacket for 2019/20, LE11.

Astral Greenjacket LE11
Astral Greenjacket LE11

The basic layout remains the same and from the looks of it won’t be available in the EU. Now that doesn’t mean you can’t get hold them from retailers outside of the EU.

If you want to see previous LE models check out our post from around this time last year.

Astral Donner And Tinker – Fall 2016

Astral Donner and Tinker - Fall 2016

Donner and Tinker are shoes by Astral made for year round living. Introducing our Fall, cool weather shoe with focus on balance, traction and weather resistance. Building off our best selling style, we expand our multisport, light trail collection.

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