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Reader’s Rides 2014 – Ben Hawthorne


Name: Ben Hawthorne

About me: Been paddling for a while now, maybe 24 years?? Christ I’m old!!! I have however been fortunate to take my passion all over the world and paddle in a whole lot of places including New Zealand, Nepal, Chile and Canada. For the last 2 summers and next I have been running the Sjoa Kayak Camp in Norway along with my beautiful wife and the Gene 17 boys. I’m lucky enough to be supported by Colorado Kayak Supply in the US, super cool guys, check em out.

Location: Currently, Chamonix for the winter. Stoked.

Boat: ZET Raptor. Now when these came out I thought they looked a bit industrial, rough around the edges and wasn’t that keen. Then I ended up paddling one for a bit, and after a couple of runs was completely converted. It does everything a creek boat should do. Fast (for a creek boat), boofs and rolls easy, light, comfortable and most importantly, bomb proof. I do think its not really a great beginners boat, it definitely needs to be driven around the river and will kick your arse pretty fast if youre not a pro-active paddler but I love it. It really suits my paddling style. I’m pretty excited to see the new boat they’ve got lined up, details boys details!!! Also a Bliss-stick Smoothy for my play boat, like a project in my size, love it.

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Adventure Technology Duraweave Break Test

An interesting edit from the guys over at AT paddles.

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 22.41.14

Pro Team Manager Gareth Tate and Team Paddler Todd Wells put our Advanced Series paddles’ secondary strength to the test against the leading competitor’s paddles to some amazing results. Continue reading

AT’S New WW Paddles – Advanced Series First Look

Adventure Technology (AT) have always been known amongst whitewater kayakers for producing some of the best paddles that money can buy (the Elite Series). Unfortunately for many paddlers, the budget often doesn’t quite stretch far enough and we find ourselves opting for the cheaper and somewhat inferior options.

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AT Paddles The Lowdown On The New Designs

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 20.13.35

Hastings gives us a look at some of the new blade shapes and designs coming in the AT Paddles lineup but also lets us in on a new technology that will help ensure you never find yourself up a creek (with a broken paddle).

Adventure Technology’s Revolutionary New Whitewater Line – WILL NOT BREAK!

I have never used a set of Adventure Technology paddles but would definitely like to. This year they have introduced some new technology to the paddle line up.

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 19.19.39

Adventure Technology is redefining whitewater paddles. This video gives a behind-the-scenes look at the product development of our all new whitewater paddle line, from concept to creation. And we are proud to be the first to introduce a new material to the whitewater world, a material that is virtually unbreakable, and a construction that will change the way paddles are made.

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