I have tried a number of kit bags over the years and although they have all done a pretty good job, I have always moved on looking for something that will fully fit my needs. In short I wanted a bag that was:

– big enough to take a weekends worth of wet kayak kit and keep the inside of the car dry
– tough enough to withstand the care and attention that baggage handlers give to luggage
– easy to carry
– waterproof so that it could also be used strapped to a raft on multi day trips (you never know it might happen one day)
– not Über expensive

I had been looking at the Bill’s Bag from NRS for a number of years and never really got around to ordering one from the US. At just over £55 the 3.8 bag seemed (on paper) to meet my needs.

NRS Bill's Bag 3.8 - Review
NRS Bill’s Bag 3.8 – Review
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