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LOMO Dry Boxes

LOMO release their new line of ultra tough Dry Boxes. The Centurion Dry Box range is now ready to serve and protect.

LOMO Dry Boxes
LOMO Dry Boxes
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My Favorite GoPro Accessories For Travel

Getting the right number and type of GoPro accessories will help you to shoot some great footage for that holiday edit. But you need it to be fairly compact, usable and add value to the camera. Carrying loads of gear ‘just in case’ is counter productive as you’ll probably not even use it anyway. It’s all about keeping it simple.

All of these suggestions will happily work with the entire GoPro range including the Hero 4 and Hero 4 Session. 


Lowe Pro Dashpoint AVC:

Firstly if the main items of my gear don’t fit in a Lowe Pro Dashpoint AVC it isn’t going. The case is designed for one camera but will happily take two GoPros.

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Lowepro Dashpoint AVC 1 – Review

I’ve been using a Lowepro Dashpoint AVC 1 for the last few months after getting hold of one of the first cases to land in the UK.

Unsponsored Lowepro Dashpoint AVC

The Dashpoint range is offered in a number of different sizes that will accommodate GoPros as well as other action cameras, with enough room for associated cables etc.

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SP POV GoPro Storage Case – Review

I have been using the SP POV GoPro storage system as my main storage for my GoPro Hero 3 camera kit over the last few months.

Unsponsored- SP POV GoPro Storage Case

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SP POV GoPro Hero Storage – First Look

Just in for review is the SP POV storage system.


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Peli Case

The favourite of expedition paddlers for many years the Peli range of storage cases have an unrivaled reputation for strength, durability and waterproofness.

The Peli range covers a vast array of possible applications from rifle case to lunch box! However their use as an expedition camera case is where its main use lies and their reputation has been built. The most appropriate sizes to consider for this use are probably the 1200 and 1300 series for cameras and the 1120 for carrying a GoPro and a few accessories.

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Aquapac Whanganui

I’ve had an iPad of one sort or another for a couple of years and have always thought it would make an excellent tool for coaching kayaking. The fact you can video and then have instant play back is very appealing. Obviously the biggest issue is that water and tech don’t mix. Thankfully a Whanganui from Aquapac landed so I could test out my theory.

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GoPro Storage Case

Picked up one of these today – SP POV Carry Case for GoPro HD. It looks pretty good and fairly compact.

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