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10 Ways To Fall In Love With Paddling Again

In our paddling journey, we often hit dead ends, have a bad day, pickup injuries or simply lose interest over time. Here’s some ideas to not just get you back into paddling, but spice up your skills and love being on the water again.

Here are my 10 ways to fall in love with paddling again.

10 Ways to Fall in Love with Paddling Again

Fear! Sometime we’re not sure why we even bother.

Try a different discipline – if you’re a kayaker, try a canoe. Embrace the range of skills which you can learn from a different discipline, skills which are transferable across all paddlesport. You could try open canoeing, C-boating, kayaking, marathon, sprint, slalom, SUPing, rafting, dragonboating… the possibilities are endless!

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Palm Equipment – Universal Mat

The Universal Mat from Palm Equipment landed at Unsponsored HQ a few months back and has been used week in and week out ever since.

Palm Equipment - Universal Mat

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