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What Memory Card For My Nikon DSLR?

We are big fans of the Nikon range of cameras at Unsponsored HQ and have worked our way from the Nikon D70 through to the Nikon D500 over the past few years. All of the images taken for the site have been taken with a Nikon camera of one sort or another. Mid 2016 we added the Nikon D500 to the gear list. We wanted a fast, and good low light performer that would be able to cope with the varying conditions we often find ourselves in. As we had been shooting with Nikon DX bodies for so long we had a good range of glass to use with the D500 but needed a new (to me) type of memory card as the D500 runs both a SD and XQD card.

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NMT Presents Mexico 2015

A great little edit from Knox Hammock – Mexico 2015.

NMT Presents Mexico 2015

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Coal Run

Coal Run

Big rains after heavy snows caused almost every creek in the state of West Virginia to flood. Coal Run drops 600 feet in 1.2 miles starting at the town of Cunard and quickly entering the Lower New River in the Railroad Rapids.

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Awesome trip to the Stikine river in September 2014, with footage from Nick Bennet and Ash Bullivant.

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Two girls, one boat, one dream…..follow Priscilla Macy and Anna Herring on a journey to pursue the future of kayaking in a progressive craft. When Steve Fisher and Anton Immler left audiences craving more in 2009, it was clear it was time to pick up the torch and chase the dream that is the duo.

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Glen Laps

Cold, but fun times in the Glen.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 20.24.51

Cold snowmelt laps on the Fairy Glen on the last weekend of January 2015. Continue reading

Pat LaChatte Productions

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 15.50.06

A crazy bit of footage from the Quebec Connection. Big volume beat downs throughout! Continue reading

Substantial RAW – Lower Ulvåa – Sven Lammler

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 08.31.40

This is a very rarely run section of the Ulvåa that drops into the Lower Rauma in Central Norway. Huge slides and insane amounts of gradient keep people away…but this river actually turned out to be one of the most classic runs in all of Scandinavia…the upper section is more mellow, but still high high quality! Watch Svenny get hyphy on some gnar gnar! Continue reading

Substantial RAW- The Lower Rauma & Sogndal Rivers

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 08.39.45

Here is some GoPro from one of the best rivers on the entire planet! Check out the Lower Rauma River in Norway. Beautiful days, big rapids, perfect boofs. What more can you ask for?! Continue reading

Simple Times – Self Support Trip on the Grand Canyon

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 08.34.35

Trip leader and permit holder Alex Ransom invited an all-star cast of paddlers to join him on a winter self-support expedition of the Grand Canyon. This trip report offers a glimpse into the magic this trip of a lifetime can offer. Continue reading

Whitewater World Of Nepal – Episode 1

Screen Shot 2014-12-25 at 14.34.26

A great edit and start of a series showing just a small % of what Nepal has to offer to the whitewater kayaker. Continue reading

Aux Chiens River – GoPro Shredding

Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 22.53.40

Follow some Quebec Connection boys as they shred down a sweet local run; the Aux Chiens river. Nothing huge but it’s a skatepark for kayakers! Many smooth money class IVs.

Suivez quelques boys de Quebec Connection alors qu’ils glissent à travers les rapides de la rivière Aux Chiens. Rien d’énorme, mais une bonne quantité de R-IV bien ‘money’! Continue reading

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